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A little bit about my beautiful Colombia

A little bit about my beautiful Colombia

Alba Gomez accessories is all about sharing a bright story of Colombia, empowering and inspiring women and bringing a bit of the joy and passion that characterises my country.

Colombia is right on the northern tip of South America. We are surrounded by oceans both in the Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific.

Being on the Equator means we don’t have seasons, so Colombia’s weather is all determined by altitude. And since part of Colombia is on the Andes, we have anything from zero sea level to cities 3350 metres above sea level. 

That creates an amazing variety in our scenery. Having snow peaks just 20 km from the beach to the most beautiful tropical locations and the most beautiful mountain ranges.

I come from Medellin, a city that sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. I grew up traveling up and down the mountains all the time, I love that type of view.

Colombians are generally lovers of food, family, music, dancing and soccer. It’s a country that of course like many have a lot of problems and poverty, but at the same time, it has something special that is difficult to explain. 

We Colombians tend to be very friendly. Very talkative and smiley. Family and friends are so important to us and when we get together, we love having a good time. Usually around food and music.

You will hear music in almost all corners of Colombia, and I think that contributes a lot to all the joy you experience when you are there.

I am bringing you a bit of that joy, of our music, of our people and our stories. I am sure that you will enjoy learning about my country through Alba Gomez accessories.

And I trust that if you are a woman reading this, you will love embodying the Colombian passion and beauty ;) 

Lots of love. 

Alba x



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