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Alba Gomez. Founder


I am an absolute lover of people, food, dancing, travel and naps.

I moved from Colombia to Australia in 2004 and started a whole new life. It was one of the most challenging yet at the same time, most amazing experiences of my life.

In Colombia I worked as an engineer before moving to Perth WA where I continued my career in the same field. However, I had lost my passion for engineering and decided to follow my dream of doing something that would allow me to make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

In 2010, I started an Image consultancy which very quickly evolved into a Personal branding and Image business. I now coach, consult and train individuals and organizations all over the world.

A big passion of mine has always been my country, Colombia. I love Colombia’s culture, food, music, colourfulness, passion and joy for life. I also have a big love for accessories. Since I was a little girl, the whole world of image and colour has had a profound impact on my confidence.

Being a super insecure kid, I always felt inappropriate and out of place. Then one day, I started playing with make-up, clothes and accessories. Looking good made me feel better. However, it was at 16 that I realised I needed a change on a deeper level. And a journey of self-acceptance began for me.

It was only when I started my business that I realized my personal story and its challenges had taught me so much and I wanted to share it with other women.

And now, it is a dream come true for me to share my passion for colour, accessories, my country and a message of empowerment for women through Alba Gomez accessories. A project that has been brewing in my heart for a long time.

I stand for women who choose to be brave and share their uniqueness and talents with the world. You will find here, a community, a resource and a line of gorgeous handmade accessories that aim to make a difference.

Our products are handmade in Colombia with a lot of LOVE by Colombian artisans. We support our local talent and share the passion and colour that characterise Colombia.

We use the highest quality materials to guarantee the durability of our products. We use 18K and 24K gold platings. We also use a cataphoretic coating on top of that to extend the durability of the plating, meaning you can enjoy them for years to come.

It is also important for us to give back to my country and the people who create these products. We are donating a percentage of all sales to contribute towards children in Colombia without access to education, aiming to make a true difference to the future generations.

I welcome you to a very different and exciting accessory experience!

Alba xx