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Crafted with love from Colombia

Handmade jewellery of the highest quality, crafted with love by artisans – sole income, single mothers in Colombia. 

UNIQUE        * Exclusive design

                      * Ultra-light weight

                       * Limited quantities 


QUALITY.     * 18-24K gold plated

                     * Durable cataphoretic coating

                      * Hypoallergenic

Our jewellery and accessories are infused with the vibrancy, the colours and the passion of Colombian culture.

*We donate a percentage of every sale to UNICEF to assist children with no access to education.


Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by jewellery, I spent countless hours looking through my mum’s pieces and wearing them around the house while walking in her high heels.

In primary school I started my first ‘accessory business’ by selling handwoven bracelets and necklaces. I did so well that I had to teach my sisters and mum how to do it, so we would all do sit together at night making them while we watched tv.

Around 12 years ago, in the first few years of my Image consultancy business, something very exciting happened. My female clients were fascinated by my Colombian accessories and jewellery and kept asking me to bring some home for them. It was at that stage that I first considered the idea of a Colombian accessory business in Australia. But, I thought that was too big of a dream and did nothing about it.

I have always been incredibly proud of my Colombian heritage and wanted to share our vibrancy, colourfulness and our passion for life with everyone who crosses my path. If you have met me, then THIS you know 😉

This love gave birth to AG accessories. I thought I could combine something I enjoyed so much – accessories, while sharing with the world all of the passion and vibrancy of my incredible country Colombia.

All of our pieces are crafted with love by sole income, single mothers in Colombia. We can trace back every single mother that is part of the process to create our unique pieces.

Since I was very young, I have been concerned with not all kids in Colombia having access to an education. At AG accessories we are committed to make a difference and we have been doing it since we started back in July 2019. We donate a percentage of every sale to UNICEF to assist children with no access to education.

On a personal note, I have always struggled with a lack of self-esteem and confidence. So it is for this reason that I have invested a lot of time and effort sharing a message for women to learn to love themselves as they are and to be bold and confident. I stand for women to choose to be brave and share their uniqueness and talents with the worldYou will find here, a community, a resource and a line of gorgeous handmade accessories that aim to make a difference to how you see yourself and how you show up every day.

We first launched our online store in 2019 to test our brand in the accessory market… It went really well, but we unfortunately had to stop because of covid when everything in Colombia closed for almost 9 months. I decided to give it some time and now have decided to relaunch with a pop-up store in Karrinyup shopping centre and we could not be more excited.

We will be located right next to Myer and open Thursday the 8th of December through to the 29th.

Our incredible new range of accessories will also be available on our Online Store.

Wear our AG accessories and share our joy and enthusiasm for life!

Alba x